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Del Squeeze
Del Squeeze differs from other types of lost circulation materials, in that it rapidly forms a solid plug within the loss zone, rather than remaining at or near the face of the well bore.  This minimizes the possibility of the seal being removed during drilling operations, thereby necessitating repeated remedial treatments of the same zone.  Solving the loss problems as soon as possible after it occurs prevents excessive mud volume from entering the formation, further propagating the fractures and compounding the loss problem.

Del Squeeze is a high fluid loss, high solids slurry, and its performance is unique compared


to other types of LCM.  When placed in and/or across a loss zone, the liquid phase is squeezed from the slurry, leaving a solid plug behind.

There are two key factors to obtaining a successful Del Squeeze:

First, a slurry with an extremely high solids content and high fluid loss must be prepared.

Second, the slurry must be placed at the proper location in the well bore.


Slurry Slurry
Formulations Formulations
Table 1 Table 2
Formula for Preparing one barrel Formula for Preparing one barrel
Del Squeeze Slurry with Fresh or Sea Water Del Squeeze Slurry with Oil* or Synthetic*
*If saturated salt water is used, barite must be
  decreased by 0.6 sacks per barrel.
*Due to variations in oil or synthetic & barite, pilot tests should be made to determine exact formulations.  If slurry becomes too thick, add up to  1 lb./bbl. wetting agent to thin.