Multi-Purpose Response Material

Delta Drilling Products has blended a new proprietary mixture of products to enhance the response of loss circulation and save cost of rig time and increase drilling activity.
Delta Drilling Products has enhanced the use of SackSeal by adding SackSeal as a standalone product (not needing any other additives).

SackSeal Advantages:

Mixes easily with existing mud or fluids
Mixes easily with rig mixing pits and also can be used with rental mixing tanks (if needed)
No need for additional products for loss circulation
Saves on rig location space and is environmentally safe
Can be used as a sweep, spot, or squeeze pill under certain circumstances

SackSeal Applications:

SackSeal can be used in equivalents from 5 lbs. per bbl to 100 lbs. per bbl. (as needed)
SackSeal can be mixed and pumped as sweeps, spotted in fractured areas and squeezed to hold certain recommended pressure and time.  Average time to hold pressure is 2-4 hrs for maximum results.
Recommendations are issued upon request.



SackSeal Packaging:                                                   
50 lbs. sacks
50 sacks / pallet
Palletized and shrink wrapped
2,500 lbs.SackSeal per pallet